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Cowboy Reflex

4.0 ( 3680 ratings )
Giochi Azione Avventura
Sviluppatore ayoub alayoub

Cowboy Reflex game is mainly about the player using his finger on the phone as quick as possible before his friend or online opponent does it faster and defeats him. Explore the wild frontier in this third person shooting game.

Five themes are there in the game:

1. Magnum

2. Shotgun

3. Knife

4. Baseball Bat

5. Beehive

We also support it offline where the player does exactly what he does online but against the computer

Gameplay Modes:

1. Training Mode: User can play offline in this mode and there are five stages from which user can select the stage to play.

2. Quick Play: It will be multiplayer online mode, so user must have internet connection to play this mode. Advanced match making algorithm is used to find the suitable player.

3. Play with friends.

The game has leaderboard to compare your performance against other players, exciting daily bonuses.

You will also be rewarded with various achievements and medals on completing the various tasks within the game. Time to enjoy action packed gameplay.


Place your finger over the gun , wait for 5 seconds, and when the countdown is over, shoot your opponent as fast as you can with the given instructions.

Mission is to become the most feared cowboy by defeating all your opponents in one-on-one fights across various arenas.